Create a Mate is a new and exciting party concept! Each Create A Mate party inspires fun and creativity in everyone! You get to get to choose your own bear, create in your mind a vision of the perfect stuffed toy and turn it into reality! You dress it up, accessorize, name it and even give it its own voice using our recorded or pre-recorded sound chips! Your Create a Mate bear even comes with its own birth certificate! So you are 100% a part of the bear's creation!

And since its your party! You get to choose where you want to have it! Create A Mate is a mobile Bear Building Party Activity and we come to you!

So, break free from the ordinary! The days of lollie bags are now over! Give your guests a lifelong memory to take home with their very own Create A Mate bear! Experience the fun of a Create A Mate party! Contact us on 0449 843 213 or email

Create a Mate parties are perfect for kids parties, corporate functions, school activities, festivals and theme parties!
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